Terms & Conditions

Ticket Sales

Tickets can be purchase on location, over the phone, or online from the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema’s ticketing platform, Ticket Search. Presently, our online ticketing platform only accepts card payments from Visa and Mastercard. On site, we accept cash, EFTPOS, and all major credit cards. Unless otherwise specified, all listings are denoted in Australian Dollars and are GST inclusive where applicable. Tickets purchased online can be collected on arrival or delivered electronically to your nominated email address.

By completing your transaction, you represent that you (and everyone for whom you purchased a ticket) are of permitted age pursuant to the advertised age requirements or relevant classification. The Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema reserves the right to deny entry to anyone who cannot provide Photo ID as proof of age for movies with age restrictions, MA15+ and R18+, and adult only shows.

Unless otherwise required by law, tickets will not be exchanged or refunded in any circumstance outside what has been defined by the Refunds & Cancellations provisions.

Live Show Pricing

Ticket prices are based on CircuitWest comparative pricing, and subject to a Booking Fee of $5.00 per transaction.

Movie Pricing

Adults (18+) $19
Students (12+) or Concession $16
Children (3-12) $13
Infants & Babies (Under 3) Free 

Lost Tickets

Replacement Tickets can be arranged by contacting us and providing us with your tax receipt, along with an acceptable form of identificationThe generally accepted form of proof of purchase would be a tax receipt, however other types of proof of purchase, such as a photograph of your tax receipt or bank statement, may be accepted at our discretion.

Seat Allocation

Where allocated seating applies, seating is automatically assigned based on best availability, however, patrons may optionally elect to choose their own seat/s. The Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema nonetheless reserves the right to re-allocate seats based on operational requirements.

Conditions of Entry

The issue of all tickets and subsequent access to the venue is subject to the following conditions.

Photo ID

Photo ID is required as proof of age for movies with age restrictions, MA15+ and R18+, and adult only shows.

Acceptable forms of identification include:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • Photo card issued by an Australian state/territory
  • Birth certificate

If you are unable to meet the standard photo identity requirements specified above, you can contact us and depending on your circumstances, we may be able to make alternate arrangements.

Discounted, Concession & Corporate Tickets

Tickets within this category require the presentation of the applicable discount, concession, seniors, student, companion or corporate identification card.

Ticket Inspection & Personal Belongings

Patrons will be required to present their tickets during routine ticket inspections. The Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema does not accept responsibility for any loss/damage sustained to personal property, including ticket/s. Failure to present a valid ticket may attract penalties.

Infants & Babies

Tickets are not required for children aged two and under who are seated on their parent’s or adult guardian’s lap. A separate ticket will only be required for children in this age category if a separate seat is desired.

All children aged three and over attending the venue with a parent or adult guardian must have a valid ticket.

Supervisory Requirements

Children under 12 years old must be under the direct supervision of a parent or adult guardian at all times while on premises.

Older children will only require direct supervision of a parent or adult guardian during showtime, subject to the applicable classification determined by the Australian Classification Board.

G General
PG Parental guidance recommended 
M Recommended for mature audiences 
MA Not suitable for people under 15. Under 15s must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian
R18 Restricted to 18 and over
CTC Check the Classification 

For the purpose of this section, an adult guardian is defined as an individual aged 18 years or older who can effectively exercise parental control over the minor/s they accompany.

Patron Courtesy

Mobile phones and other electronic devices should be turned off or put on silent, before entering the venue. Please also refrain from talking during movies/shows and disturbing others, or resting your feet on the seats. Patrons who behave in a disorderly manner will be asked to leave the venue.

Please note the seating times of live shows. Latecomers will be required to wait in the foyer until a suitable break in the program to minimise the disruption to performers and patrons alike.

No Prams & Strollers

Prams & strollers are only allowed within the foyer as all walkways within the theatre/cinema must be kept clear for safety purposes in the event of an emergency. Prams & strollers may be left at the foyer during your show, however the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema accepts no responsibility for property left on our premises.

No Outside Food & Drinks

Bags and personal belongings may be subject to visual inspection.

Alcohol is not allowed on premises, and outside food/drinks cannot be brought into the theatre/cinema.

Event Organisers can arrange for external catering for private screenings/events if organised directly with management and all necessary food permits and licences are in place.

Other Prohibited Items

Bags and personal belongings may be subject to visual inspection.

Unless otherwise advised, all of the following are considered prohibited items, which cannot be brought into the venue:

  • Glass bottles
  • Aerosols cans
  • Laser pointers
  • Personal stereos
  • Rollerblades
  • Bicycles, scooters or skateboards

No Smoking

The Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema premises, including the carpark, is a smoke-free zone. Smoking is not allowed at any time while on premises.

No Animals Permitted

Animals aside from guide dogs and other assistance animals are not permitted within the venue.

Guide dogs and other assistance animals are welcome inside all areas of the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema, however to ensure appropriate seating is allocated, please inform us of your needs at the time of booking.

No Unsanctioned Recording on Premises

The recording, or attempted recording, of movies is an offence under the Copyright Act 1968. All suspected offenders will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

For any questions regarding this, or to seek filming permission, contact us at: mdinfo@porthedland.wa.gov.au

Video Surveillance

For the safety and security of all patrons and staff members, our premises are under 24/7 surveillance. By entering the premises, you consent to being recorded and the subsequent reproduction and release of recordings as may be necessitated.

Our Rights

  • Refuse entry to anyone in breach of the specified conditions of entry.
  • Refuse entry if tickets are damaged/defaced in any way or were not purchased from the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema, or an authorised alternative point of sales.
  • Request patrons leave the premises without a refund, should they breach any of the specified conditions of entry.
  • Visually inspect patron bags at any time while on premises.

Refunds & Cancellations


We always try to ensure that scheduled movies and live shows take place in accordance with the advertised program, however we may sometimes need to cancel, substitute or vary the program as circumstances necessitate.

  • If a movie or live show is cancelled, patrons will be refunded within 7 days in the same method as the original payment.
  • If a significant element of a program is substituted or otherwise varied, the change will be advertised and patrons can then elect to have their ticket/s refunded subject to the extraordinary conditions which will be specified at the time of advertising.
  • If a movie or live show is temporarily interrupted due to equipment failure, interruptions to the power supply or weather events, it is at the discretion of the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema to offer a refund to affected patrons.
  • If a movie is moved to a timeslot which is more than 60 minutes from the originally advertised time, this will be treated as a cancellation.
  • If a movie is interrupted for greater than 60 minutes, affected patrons will be refunded within 7 days in the same method as the original payment.
  • In all other circumstances, to the extent permitted by law, it is at our sole discretion to provide ticket exchanges/refunds.

After considering the above, if you would like to submit a request for a refund/exchange, please send us a message detailing:

  • Your booking information, including the registered email address used for the booking
  • Reason/Explanation for the request
  • Supporting evidence (Medical Certificate etc.)

Incorrect purchase, change of mind, or change in ability to attend are generally not sufficient grounds for refund/exchange.

Please allow up to 7 seven days for your request to be assessed.

For more information on your consumer rights, please visit the Consumer Protection WA website.

Gift Vouchers

  • Gift Vouchers will not be replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Gift Vouchers will not be refunded or exchanged for cash.
  • No change will be provided – Any remaining value can only be used in whole or part against future purchases.

Food & Drinks

Patrons should ensure that their order is fulfilled correctly, and they have the correct change (if applicable), before leaving the counter.

Food & drinks will not be exchanged or refunded unless the items are deemed to be unmerchantable. If found to be unmerchantable, or if otherwise required by law, the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema will require proof of purchase.

The generally accepted form of proof of purchase would be a tax receipt, however, other types of proof of purchase, such as a photograph of a tax receipt or a bank statement, may be accepted at our discretion.


If a tax receipt, or another type of proof of purchase, is presented and accepted, the Matt Dann Theatre & Cinema reserves the right to assess the condition of the returned goods prior to offering a repair, exchange or refund. This may result in a repair, exchange or refund being refused, or adjusted accordingly. If a refund is provided, it will be issued using the same method as the original payment. If an exchange is provided, it will be for an identically stocked item, or item of equal value.

Useful Resources

Limitation of Liability

Liability is limited, to the maximum extent permitted by law, and in the case of Consumer Rights, to any of the following options:

In the case of services supplied/offered, the resupply of the services, or the payment of the costs of having services supplied again.

In the case of goods supplied/offered, the replacement of the goods, the supply of equivalent goods, the repair of such goods, or the payment of the costs of repair, or the payment of the costs for replacing the goods or suitable equivalent.

Conflicting Provisions

In the event of any conflicting provisions, the advertised terms & conditions take precedence over the standard provisions contained herein.


All of the provisions contained herein are governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Western Australia. If any provisions are held to be invalid, unenforceable, or otherwise illegal for any reason, the specified terms & conditions remain in full force and effect, apart from such provisions which will be read down to the extent of the invalidity, unenforceability or illegality, and if it is not possible to be read down, the provision will be deemed deleted.

Queries & Complaints

If you have any queries or complaints, please contact us at:
Email: mdinfo@porthedland.wa.gov.au
Telephone: +61 8 9158 9368

If you are not completely satisfied with the manner in which your correspondence was handled, you can escalate the matter to the Town of Port Hedland:
Email: council@porthedland.wa.gov.au
Telephone: +61 8 9158 9300
Post/In-person: Civic Centre, 13 McGregor Street, Port Hedland WA 6721


The provisions contained herein were last updated on 09/02/2021.

We may, at our sole discretion, vary the terms & conditions at any time without notice.

Tickets are subject to the terms & conditions as advertised on the date of purchase. Purchase of tickets prior to the date of last update are subject to the preceding terms & conditions.

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